Frequently Asked Questions

How many Mojimoto characters are there?

Currently there are 8 Mojis. Stay tuned for future releases to collect more Mojis!

How do I turn on Mojimoto?

There is an on/off switch on the side the Mojimoto. Slide the button up to turn your Mojimoto on.

How do I make my Mojimoto sing along?

Press the button to activate the listening mode. Now play some music. The Mojimoto will move its mouth and eyes to the sounds it hears, "singing along" to the music.

How do I make my Mojimoto to talk back?

Press and hold the button for a second or two until you hear a beep. This signals the Talk-Back mode. Now it will listen for sounds, record what it hears, and repeat back the last 8 seconds.

My Mojimoto is not working.

The Mojimoto will go to sleep to save battery life after a minute or so. Press the button on top to wake it up.
If the eye and mouth motion stops or the sound is garbled the batteries may be low.
Turning OFF your Mojimoto for a few seconds and then turn it back ON will help reset it.

What kind of batteries does my Mojimoto take?

Install 2 fresh CR2032 coin cell 3v batteries. To install the batteries, remove the battery box screw and remove the cover. Note the proper polarity orientation of the batteries. Replace the battery cover. See instruction sheet for further information.